Antoine Peak

Distance: 8.4 miles
Elevation gain: 1000 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: Year Round

If you live in Spokane Valley, this is the peak you often see but have never heard of.  This peak lies just north of I90 near Barker road, though you need to use Sullivan to access it as the Barker road bridge is under construction.

The trail head is easily accessed from Lincoln road, please see the driving directions below for more information on how to get there.  Once there please obey the no parking signs along the curve.  Parking along the curve creates a blind spots and the neighbors have been known to call the sheriff.  The county plans to build parking, but until then please obey the signs. 

Enter at the gate at the apex of the curve, and head north along the old logging road.  As you walk through the forest, keep a sharp look out for moose, elk and deer.  Every time I go up there I see plenty of sign, but I have yet to see any of the critters.  Of course I hike with noisy Cub Scouts so that may explain the lack of actual sitings.

After  a short while you will come across a small pond.  This a good place for a break and to hunt for frogs in the summer. When you are done, continue up the hill to your left.  Eventually you will come to a trail junction, just continue straight through on the main trail.

After the first junction, you continue to climb along the main road for quite a while. As you climb be sure to look to the north east for great views of  Mt. Spokane .  

At the second junction, two hairpin turns merge in to a road that heads east. You will want to take the road that the turns merge into.

At the third junction, you have a choice. You can go straight up the hill to the peak. This route is very steep and difficult. I do not recommend it and it is not shown on the trail map. If you on continue down the road to the left there is a longer but easier way. Follow the trail until you come across a road on your right that leads uphill. This is the fourth junction. Take the road on your right and head uphill to the summit.

On the summit are great views of the Spokane valley, and the mountains to the north.  There are also two transmitter sites. Please leave these alone, as this land is not technically part of the conservation future until 2012 and any issues could jeopardize the sale. However, feel free to pack out any trash you find.  My Cub Scouts and I packed out a lot of cans last time we were here.

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